Sunday, February 15, 2015

Back to our school routine: Classical Conversations Week 16

What a crazy couple of weeks we've had!  The kids and I were out of town for over two weeks waiting for our hardwood floors to be uncovered and refinished and now we're finally (hopefully) getting back to normal life.  We're a little behind, but not too much.  Since we had several days off during this time, we're going to work through the President's Day holiday and do a little catching up.
One thing we did do while we were out of town was take advantage of the multiple story times they had around town and we also took a tour of the Cannonball House in Macon, GA.  The tour was just the right amount of time for small children and my oldest really go in to all of the history and asked some great questions.
We had a great time!

Now to jump right in to week 16!
History: immigrants coming to America
*Here is a link to a scholastic site in which you can meet young immigrants and see a video of their story.  Looks great!
*Another site that has some info on immigration
*Schoolhouse Rock video
*A set of free worksheets from
*Teachers Pay Teachers also has several free worksheets/activities
*I would like to do an activity in which the kids pretend they are immigrants and go through the process of coming to America and being processed.  I hope we can do it! : )

Geography: Bays
*This will also be a review...

Science: elements
I am planning to start our elements flashcards I printed.  I posted them here.

Hope you all have a great week!