Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine treats, letter O, and week 15

Today was our CCH (Classical Christian Homeschoolers) day and we had our Valentine's party.  It was a lot of fun and I'm so glad my kids get to experience little parties like this with friends.  I wanted to share what we did for our Valentine's and a treat I made that was cute, yummy, and easy! I will say that I referred to Pinterest for all of my ideas! : )
Valentine treats:
Valentines Day Marshmallow Pops
I made these easy marshmallow pops for a treat.  They were super 7 year old helped me make them...and I got great reviews from the kids at the party ; ).  I had leftover chocolate from the candy melts so I popped it into some molds I had. Delish!

Valentine cards:
*I think these free Scripture cards and bag toppers are so cute!  In our small town there aren't a lot of options for Valentine cards at the store and I personally love the inclusion of scripture, so these are a great option!
*Click here for the cute scripture valentine cards that we used. There were 6 to a page, so I didn't have to print a lot for our group of 24 kids.

For my kiddos:
I thought these free Valentine coupons would be cute to give the kids this week.  Some fun ideas for things to do/treats for each child and the whole family.

Letter O:
We had fun in our 3-5 year old class today with letter O.  Here are a few of the things we did, plus some other ideas.
*Octopus--we happen to have a stuffed octopus, so I counted the amount of legs with the kids and then we played sort of a hot potato game with some fun music.  They seemed to like it : ).  There are so many cute octopus crafts, too!  Making a paper octopus with a toilet roll, a big letter O with octopus legs coming off of it, etc.
*Ocean--an octopus lives in the ocean...great transition!  We talked about the ocean a little (there's lots of ways to expand on it) and I just happened to have some foamy stickers with ocean animals and plant life.  So we made ocean pictures and the kids REALLY loved that!
*Oranges--the color and the fruit.  We didn't cover this, but I plan to talk about it this week since we happen to have an orange.  Nice treat!
*Owl--talk about the animal and you could do a craft/coloring sheet
*Olympics!--the perfect time to watch some events and talk about it.  Here is a free O is for Olympics printable in which you decorate it with Fruit Loops.  What a great idea! 
*oatmeal--for breakfast or you could make oatmeal cookies (my kiddos would probably love to do those) : )

Week 15:
History--World War I countries
*Some of the resources from my last post would be great for this week as well.  Here are a few more to go with them:
*Wonderful resource--free worksheets, maps, and explanations for WWI
Cycle 2, week 15 -- American Weapons of WWI
Some more "Horrible Histories" videos:

*This one is a little more crass/disgusting...but apparently true!  Lice and food in WWI video
*25 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About WWI

*Timeline of events leading up to WWI and beyond from
*German trench warfare features
*video: WWI summary too complicated for my little ones, but would be good for older children...and parents (like me!) who want to know more about the war and can break down the info to younger kids
***The more I watch/read, the more amazed I am that I knew so little about this war!  It's crazy all that went on...and how many deaths occurred!***

Geography--Middle East

Science--Kinetic/potential energy

Activities to do for kinetic/potential energy...and some sentence dress up ideas

English--4 purposes of sentences
*info on 4 types of sentences

Fine Arts--Gainsborough

And that's all I have, friends!  Hope it's helpful! : )

Monday, February 3, 2014

Catching up...week 14 and letter N

Last week, just didn't happen.  It was a crazy week.  My Papa's burial and memorial was on Monday, we got in late that night and Tuesday I was just not physically and emotionally able to get in the groove.  Then it seemed like something else happened and the week was gone.  My daughter's birthday was Thursday and their big birthday bash was Saturday.  We did a medieval feast and tournament was so fun!  A lot of work for me, but totally worth it.  I just love making memories like this with my children.

We missed our weekly homeschool group meeting the past two weeks for a holiday and a Ken Hamm presentation about dinosaurs, evolution and other topics from a Christian perspective.  Then we missed today because 4 out of 5 of our family members weren't feeling well.  But...we can't put off school any longer!  So we're going to try to get back in the groove tomorrow...and picking up with letter N and week 14.

Letter N ideas
*Noodles...I love this idea!  Making noodles and trying to eat them with chopsticks (chinese take-out maybe?!); noodle art; noodle necklaces
*Nest...hunt for a bird's nest outside; make an art project of a nest;
* boy would love this!
*Click here for a link to all kinds of cute crafts for letter N

Week 14
History--World War I leaders...Clemenceau, Lloyd George, Nicholas II, Wilhelm II, Wilson
*Great intro to why the US entered the war.  I love the idea of the role of journalism and writing a letter. There are other links posted on this blog post as well.  This may be more for week 15...but I liked it!
*I love the WWI dress up kit on this blog post!  Such a cute idea.  This post also has other ideas for the week 14 material...and a video I was going to post as well.  Love the "Horrible Histories" videos!
*Lots of info and resources on this blog post!
*WWI summary video...I think it's a little advanced for my littles, but I think it would be good for me to watch and then summarize in my own words for them.
*WWI tactics and strategy video--50 minutes

Science--acids and bases
*An interesting experiment...not sure if I have all the stuff to do it, but it would be worth trying!
*I like this apple science experiment...definitely using acids and bases I can find around the house!


*adverb adventure worksheet

Math--linear equivalents
*I love this cute printable from Suzanne Shares!  This link also has printables for other cycle 2 Math things.

God bless your week!