Sunday, July 25, 2010

Training week 1...and on to week 2

I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to start training for a race. Well, it took me a while to get going. In fact, shortly after that post, we went on a week's vacation. I've mentioned that, too. I can't remember if I mentioned, though, that I ate like crazy on that vacation! I mean...truffles, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, steak, beef stroganoff, these turtle-like things with caramel, pecans, and chocolate...and the list goes on. I must also say that we drank those cherry colas from the bottle...mmmm. Just thinking about it makes me have a little I'll move on! Anyway, I did the eating fest because I knew that the next week was going to be training week 1. And what a week!

Not only have I started my beginning runner's schedule, I've also begun a new eating plan. My running routine begins with one minute walking, one minute running, etc. I can only do three minutes of running total. I know, kind of sad, but it's a start. It's making me realize how out of shape I'm in! After doing the walk/run thing, I finish out the rest of my 30 minutes with walking. I did this Mon, Tues, and Wed. I got up early and did this! Then Thurs. I did an alternative exercise...Wii tennis. I hope that arm was really sore the next day so it must've done something! Then Fri. I took a rest day and Saturday I got up early (I haven't done this in a LONG time!) and did the walk/run and ran for 4 1/2 min. Today, Sun., I took another day of rest. I also played softball last Monday. I feel like I've really gotten a good workout this week! As far as the eating goes, I've decided (with the encouragement of a good friend) to eliminate processed sugar. For me that means no sweets, but I still eat some bread and some starches, but not a lot. I'm also not drinking a lot of juice...just 1 cup of grapefruit juice a day, which is supposed to help burn calories when combined with protein. It's kind of hard to drink because I'm not a big fan, so I'm taking it slow. Just every other day right now. I must say, it's been a little tough. I was in the grocery store the other day and I almost felt my mouth physically water when I passed the bakery area. I thought to myself, "I can actually smell the butter!"

Tomorrow I begin week 2. I want to keep it's going to be tough. I've got to get more rest (I haven't done well with that challenge). I also have 2 softball games this week...double exercise. But...I am reminded...I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

God bless!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More children's book favs

I'm doing really well with posting lately, aren't I? : ) I was looking back on some posts and really wanted to do another one on favorite children's books. I have so many favorites, so I honestly have a lot of material on the subject. I'll get right to it. One of my all time favorite books is "All the Places to Love" by Patricia Maclachlan. It is truly beautiful to me. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is about the love a family has for each other, their home, and traditions they have in their family. Sticking with the theme of family, another favorite book is "Grandfather's Journey" by Allen Say. It's a different sort of family than the first, because this family is from Japan. I love books about culture and history. It's a great book to introduce another country/culture to your child. The illustrations are also beautiful.One more...I just can't help myself! : ) I really like some of the ABC books out there. This one is fun to me because it's kind of like a treasure hunt. Each page has a fun little saying with the letter and each illustration has hidden pictures of objects/animals/etc. that begin with the same letter. It's "Animalia" by Graeme Base.

I hope you enjoy these books! I must confess, I need to read these and many more to my kids. Sophie is definitely at the age that she can sit and enjoy reading a story. Isaac has about a 5 second attention span, but it's never too early to start! Happy reading!

(I got the pics off you can't click on the pics and see inside on my blog, but if you go on Amazon you can)

Monday, July 19, 2010

A best friend reunion and wonderful vacation

There's nothing like having a great vacation. This year, our vacation was relaxing, fun, and I was able to see my long time friend, Kimberly Buchanan. We met up at her parent's house on Lake Oconee. I think Joe and I have realized that the best kind of vacation is one that doesn't have a big itinerary, but is very relaxed. Especially with little children. We needed to have nap time for Isaac every day...a must in his life right now! One thing I wanted to share in this blog post is how Kim and I met. It was truly from the Lord!

When Kim and I were both about 15 years old, we both began sensing a need to have a Christian friend. We had been around each other, growing up in the same church, but we went to different schools and lived on different sides of town. Both of us have talked about this and how God just suddenly caused us to connect with each other and start spending a lot of time together. It's pretty amazing. We just "clicked". We started meeting up at church all the time, spending time at each other's houses, and hanging out as much as we could. We would also go to church camp, Mission tours, and would be at the church all the time praying together and encouraging each other. We made it our mission to reach out to those at church who didn't seem to fit in. We had a burden for the lost. Through our church's youth group, we were challenged to grow and seek the Lord and we saw some amazing things in the process! Over the years, Kim and I have kept in touch, trying to see each other when we could. There's always been a special connection between us. I am so thankful for my friendship with her and that through our friendship, we have grown in our walks with the Lord. She is such a blessing to me!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plum jammin'

One of Sophie's Strawberry Shortcake movies has a song on it. Part of it goes, "We're jammin', jammin', strawberry jammin'...we're lookin' for spring and we're jammin'". I kept thinking of that song today as we were plum "jammin'". My grandmother came to visit us today. We call her "Granny". Granny is one of the best cooks I know. She can take ingredients, throw them together and it comes out amazing. I wish I had that gift! She seems to really love it, too. She can walk outside and find some wild fruit, know that it's good, pick it, and make something out of it (like jelly). Today she came to visit us, loaded with food she had cooked for us, and all the stuff to make jelly. After we got Isaac down for his nap, me, Sophie, and Granny got in the kitchen. We mostly watched as Granny showed us how to make plum jelly (the plums she just picked from her yard, of course). She stirred in the Sure-gel, the sugar, and we waited for it to get gel-ified. We had the jars ready and Granny loaded them up (she had it planned perfectly...the last bit fit the last jar). But there was a little we could scrape out of the bottom of the pot and spread on some bread for a taste. It was wonderful! I think I might be ready soon to try my own hand at it. Until then, we've got 12 jars of jelly! : )

Monday, July 5, 2010

Reflections on another birthday

Growing up I thought my birthday was the best. Not only was I a fourth of July baby, but I loved how it fell almost in the middle of the year so I would get presents about every 6 months because Christmas was a little less than half a year away (pretty funny, huh?!). My birthday was also pretty cool to me because there was always a cookout, a family get-together, homemade chocolate ice cream, and family hanging out together outside 'til dark talking while the kids played kick the cans. I must confess that I also loved the special attention. I've always thought that me and July 4th were always meant to be. : ) The years have passed by and I have so many wonderful birthday memories. There's still a little bit of the kid in me that's gets giddy thinking about my birthday. I still love it. I love the activity, the fireworks, the special treatment...and yes, I do love presents : ). This year was no exception. My husband has his own quiet way of making me feel special. He knows what I like. He doesn't make a big production out of it (like I would ; )), but he does things his own way and I love it. My little one singing "Happy Birthday" is music to my ears. It makes a mom feel special. Having a grown-up birthday is a little different than when you were a kid. You might even have to make your own birthday cake sometimes. But I feel more blessed than I can even express. Another year has passed and I've got a whole new batch of God's blessings to look back on. That's the best gift I could ask for!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Artists in the making

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to let the kids have some time painting. This is Isaac's first time being introduced to paint, so I knew it was going to be messy. But I thought, well, we have to have a first time at some point in his why not now?! So I slipped the old Barney shirt on Isaac. Sophie is always very slow and meticulous with her painting. She rarely gets any on her, so I wasn't too worried about her. Here she is, looking at her work : ).

And there is little Isaac. He's just getting started on the top picture. I love how he points his fingers like that. He does that all the time to do things. The bottom picture is right before I got him up and took him straight to the bathtub! Notice the paint around his mouth? Yes, one of the first things my son wanted to do was taste it. I had never anticipated that! This little guy always has a surprise up his sleeve! Crayola paint IS non-toxic, right?! : )

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Running the race...

I am trying to run the race, as the Bible talks about. Sometimes I have good days, and some days are not so great. But the title of this blog entry has another meaning. I'm considering...and I am actually pretty train for a race! I have never run a race before. Never even really thought it was possible to do it. You see, I've never been much of a runner. I was a "big kid" growing up, and even have some not-so-great memories of bullies at school picking on me because I was a big girl and pretty much being last when we had to run laps in PE. Not fond memories. Thankfully, the Lord has been good to me and helped me to forgive those girls and move on. Fast forward through the years. I had times when I would diet and lose weight and felt really good. I played softball and tennis and have always enjoyed team sports. When I was in Thailand, I joined a gym, lost weight that I had gained and started running on the treadmill. At first I could only do a few minutes, then I built up to actually being able to run for 10 minutes. I started getting stronger, leaner, and felt really good about this accomplishment. I kept it up after I returned home. After Joe and I got married, the pounds slowly began creeping up again. Then I got preggo with little Sophie. On came 50...yes, 50...pounds! Shortly after having her I did a diet that allowed me to lose about 30 lbs in 3 mos. It was a grueling 3 mos. But I was glad to get the weight off. Then comes baby number 2. Another...almost exactly...50 lbs. I tried not to gain that much. It just seemed like my body said, "ok, that's what we're supposed to do." So now I've lost about 28 lbs and working towards my goal of losing this baby weight. It's a slow process. I've started playing church softball, as of this week. Let's just say the legs are feeling the burn! But having to run the bases and feeling how weak my body is has motivated me to want to train and try to start running. I want a goal to work towards. A race would be a huge accomplishment for me. So my good friend is helping me to train and we might be able to do a race together in the spring. We're taking it slow since I am a beginner. I'm excited and hopeful. We're training for a 5K. That's huge for me! Please pray for me as I start on this endeavor.
God bless!