Thursday, March 25, 2010

A fun getaway

Getaways are so much fun...especially when they are a surprise--and free! Last week a friend of ours down the street was babysitting little man for me while Sophie was at the dentist. When we got back, she offered us a gift package she had won but hadn't been able to use. It included a free night at a very nice resort that had beautiful grounds. It was sooo nice! We drove up to the Cartersville, GA area and got settled later in the evening. The only hard thing about the evening was that our little man had a hard time sleeping...and kept Mommy and Daddy (but thankfully, not sister!) awake for most of the night. But that didn't ruin our fun! The next day we went to the Tellus Science Museum and had lunch with friends. We rounded out the day with a visit to Berry College in Rome, GA (where I went to college) and got to see one of my former roommates! It was great to see her and her family, who I haven't seen in several years. We arrived in Macon that late that night and pretty tired, but we had so much fun. God blessed us with this little getaway! He is so good to us!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sophie's first trip to the dentist

Today was Sophie's first time getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist! Our dental hygenist (Claudia) was AWESOME! She made Sophie feel so at ease and let her touch and look at everything before she started. Because of that, Sophie didn't have a single problem! She did great!! And she didn't have any cavities...Yay! While she was getting her teeth cleaned, Sophie reached over and was stroking Claudia's rubber Claudia gave her one and Sophie loved it! At the end of the trip, Sophie got a balloon, a new toothbrush, and two rubber gloves on her hands! lol It's about 3 hours later, and she's been playing with those gloves since we got home! It cracks me up! I'm so proud of my girl...and I can't believe she's old enough to go to the dentist!! Where does the time go?! God bless!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am second

Today in church we watched a great video. It was of Steven Baldwin's (an actor) testimony of how he came to know the Lord. It was pretty amazing! It was a great challenge to me as lately I've been impressed by the Lord that I need to be more thoughtful, more intentional about trying to share Christ with others. We expect missionaries on the foreign mission field to share Christ. I mean, that's why they're there, right?! So why did God put me, my husband, and my family here in Eastman, GA. Because this is where He wants us to be and this is where our mission field is. Why don't we see it that way sometimes? We get so caught up in the day to day chores, responsibilities, bills, childcare, work, etc., that we forget that we're missionaries, too. The part of the testimony that I loved was when he was talking about his maid. This maid was new to the Baldwin home and she was always singing while she worked. Baldwin's wife asked her why she was always singing about Jesus? The maid was so joyful, laughed, and said that she was placed in their home for a purpose, and that God was going to change the Baldwin's lives, bringing them to Himself, and they would become Christians and start a ministry. The Baldwin's were blown away! But I was so impressed by this woman's witness to a family that she was serving. What a challenge to me and my witness for the Lord. I think God is doing a work and I am excited and nervous and a little fearful. He is so awesome...I know He will give me the strength and boldness to do what He's called me to do!!

I am second...He is first!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Movie reviews...

I love watching a good movie. I have for quite a while. It's a great way to relax and just kind of have a moment to be in a different place, watching a great romance or adventure, or even a mystery unfold. I have some movies that are all time favs. Some are recent family favorites and a few are some that I've watched and enjoyed. If you have any good recommendations, I'm all up for it!

Family favorites...
Our new family favorite is...The Jungle Book! My mom got us a couple of older VHS movies at a yard sale (we can play VHS movies in our van) and that was one of them. We have watched it and watched it and watched it...and still aren't tired of it. There is a villian, but even he isn't that scary, into voodoo, or witchcraft. He's just an animal acting like an animal. One of the characters even quotes a verse of scripture towards the end. We love the songs, the characters, and the story. I highly recommend it! : )

My favorites and recent reviews...
I'm by no means a pro at movie reviews. I'm pretty easy to please. I'm usually not too hard on movies. But I will preface this little amateur review with a note to please check out the movies yourself on a Christian review page. I think the movies I've watched recently are all either G or PG, but even some of the PG movies have some questionable things (language mostly) that you may not want to expose yourself to. So...

Pride and Prejudice...any version. It's always good! No language to worry about, no inappropriate scenes to worry about. well as other Jane Austen movies! I love Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion as well. They are very good!

Leap Year...I'm a sucker for a romance, especially if it's set in a beautiful place like Ireland! It was seen by my mom, sister, and I on a girls night out, so it was especially fun. It is rated PG, but has some language and one very quick scene that if you're in mixed company, you may want to consider.

The Young Victoria...Ok..I'm also a sucker for movies set in times past. I loved this movie because it was a romance, but it also showed the life of a young future Queen Victoria of England, how she came to power, and the first few years of her reign. It also shows how she married Prince Albert. It's also rated PG.

Bright Star...another movie set in the "old days". This is the story of John Keats and Fanny Braun, who were in love (and I won't say any more so I won't give it away!). I thought the Young Victoria was better and that Fanny's character was a little whiney and overly dramatic, but it was neat to see their story. I didn't know much about it before I saw the movie. Rated PG.

Right now, that's the only ones I've seen. I would also recommend the Masterpiece Theater movies that are on PBS. I've seen the Jane Austen movies (Persuasion, Emma) and they were very good. I think some of these may be available to see online.

Hope you have a great weekend! God bless!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update and some favorite things!

I haven't been very good about blogging lately! I guess I feel like I haven't had a whole lot to blog about. Not a lot of excitement. Actually, I've been feeling pretty tired lately. Apparently I'm having a little health issue and we're trying to rule out what it isn't and find out what it is. Please keep me in your prayers. I would also ask for your prayers as my sister and her family (along with my mom) are traveling to Colorado on Monday. My mom will be staying for several weeks, but my sister and family wil be moving there. We will miss them!

Here are a few of my favorite things that I would love to share!

Birdseye Chicken Viola....
Ok...easy meal, low in calories, fast, and the whole family loves it! Who could ask for more?! Our family fav is the three cheese chicken. It has broccoli, corn, carrots, pasta, and grilled chicken with a cheese flavored sauce. It is soooo good!! Especially if you can find it on sale.

Southern Savers... I'm not where I'd like to be with my couponing/money saving, but I LOVE Southern Savers ( There's great tips, free stuff, and listings of grocery stores/pharmacies and all their deals, etc. I have gotten several GREAT things from here!!! Praise the Lord!

My new crocs...

Big thanks to my Mom (and Dad) for buying me these cute new crocs. I LOVE comfortable and cute! Mine are black : ).

Weight loss!
Yay! I'm almost at the 20 lb mark. I've got a lot more to lose, but I'm happy at where I've gotten so far! Gotta keep going! I haven't done too well this weekend...chocolate has been a big temptation for me and I've given in! We'll see what the scale says tomorrow...I'm kind of scared!

God bless and I hope you have a great week...if I don't blog again before then! ; )