Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cycle 3, week 5...Washington and the senses

Tired.  It's been another busy week, complete with a crazy reaction to an insect bite, school, and basically me being overwhelmed.  But there were good moments, too.  So...Monday is always a good day to start over.  There will be a lot going on this week but hopefully with a good night's sleep I'll be ready to go.  Let's get rollin'...

History: George Washington
*Great video about Washington on the Scholastic site
*Another Washington biography video
*Liberty's Kids movies:"Washington Takes Command"
*Funny, short Sesame Street video explaining a painting with George Washington
*You can search "George Washington" on YouTube and there will be several video options
*blog post that shows some Washington anchor charts
*Very cute, FREE, George Washington booklet --it can be printed in b/w or color
*FREE George Washington lapbook

Science: the five senses
I know there will be lots of cute things for this!
*10 free senses worksheets--labeled to be used for Kindergarten
*I might try the apple poem that goes with the senses found here

I like this idea to do with popcorn (found at

Geography--still printing our state flashcards for the week from

*Not much to help with this one! : )  I did see a few links to some videos on Pinterest.

I know this isn't a ton of stuff...but friends, I'm exhausted!  Hope you all have a great week!

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